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Why sell Funky Eye Accessories and not any other product ?
Funky eye accessories are not what may be described as a standard contact lens. They are a Cosmetic Eye Accessory and therefore sold as a cosmetic.  We are the only company to be approved as an eye accessory.
We care about our consumers. We have sold millions of our innovative, different accessories with no reported health problems to our knowledge. This is because we manufacture our accessories to the highest standards and believe in what we do. We are not simple “rebranders” of contact lenses like many others. We are the designers and manufacturers of our accessories and as a result we have an obligation to ensure what we sell is of the highest quality and complies with all applicable regulations.
Are we have insured cover to sell your product ?
Yes the company is insured up to £5 million per claim for our unique product. 
Do you have a Helpline Number for concerned customers and consumers?
The company has a dedicated helpline number for all customers which is 01507 605777 as we have multiple lines,
we also have a sales  line 01507 605777 where you will find professional sales advise.




Please read all instructions carefully before using your new eye accessory or understand how this product works.

  • Q : How do I put them in?
  • A : The product comes with detailed instructions in a pamphlet contain in the packaging with the 2 vials.


  • Q : Is it hard to put in?
  • A : We provide simple to follow instructions on the pamphlet.


  • Q : How long do they last?
  • A : When unopened the product has a three year life span, however as soon as the vial is opened the product has either a day or one year life span depending on the product purchased. The life span is indicated on individual product pages. During the life span you can wear them as often as you want.


  • Q : Do I need an eye test?
  • A : Funky Cosmetic believes everybody should have an eye test for their peace of mind. However you do NOT need an eye test to wear them.


  • Q : I wear glasses does this mean I can't use this type of product?
  • A: As our product does not alter your vision there is no reason why you can't wear them at the same time as your glasses.


  • Q: I wear contact lenses, can I wear patterns or colours over or under them?
  • A: No if you wear contacts to correct your vision you will need to purchase prescription colour or pattern contact lenses from your optician.


  • Q : What is the minimum age?
  • A : There is no law stating a minimum age. Our research has found that younger buyers take more care of the product and follow any instructions given much better than adults, this is because to the younger buyer the product is a large investment and naturally they want to take care of this investment.  We as a company recommend 16 or over.


If at any time you require help or further information on our eye accessory products please feel free to email the us on